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Day Zero Engine Compartment 2004-08-01
Cap, Points, and Condenser - The First Fix 2004-08-01
Air Filter Substitution 2004-08-08
Substitute Spark Plug Wires 2004-08-08
Carter Carburetor Repair - Part1 2004-10-17
Carter Carburetor Repair - Part2 2004-10-17
Carter Carburetor Repair - Part3 2004-10-17
Carter Carburetor Repair - Part4 2004-10-17
Carter Carburetor Repair - Part5 2004-10-17
Raplacing the Voltage Regulator 2004-10-17
A New Head Gasket- Part1 2004-10-24
A New Head Gasket- Part2 2004-10-24
Rebuilding the 196 L-Head Exhaust Manifold- Part1 2004-11-07
Rebuilding the 196 L-Head Exhaust Manifold - Part2 2004-11-07
Rebuilding the 196 L-Head Exhaust Manifold - Part3 2004-11-07
Replacing the Rear Wheel Cylinders 2005-02-19
Replacing the Front Wheel Cylinders 2005-02-27
Rebuilding the Front Suspension 2005-02-27
1963 Rambler 440H Front Brakes 2005-03-05
Replacing Wheel Studs 2005-03-06
Replacing the Starter 2005-03-12
Rambler Parts Sources 2005-04-05
Adjusting The Intake and Exhaust Valves 2005-04-24
Replacing the Zerk Fittings 2005-05-28
Rebuilding the Carter WCD - Part1 2005-06-12
Rebuilding the Carter WCD - Part2 2005-06-12
Rebuilding the Carter WCD - Part3 2005-06-12
Fixing the Ignition Switch 2005-06-13
Replacing the 196 OHV Exhaust Manifold - Part1 2005-09-12
Replacing the 196 OHV Exhaust Manifold - Part2 2005-09-12
Replacing the 196 OHV Choke Heat Tube 2005-09-12
Replacing the Vacuum Wiper Hoses - Part1 2005-09-16
Replacing the Vacuum Wiper Hoses - Part2 2005-09-16
Fixing the Brake Lights 2005-10-04
Replacing the Valve Tappet Cover Gaskets 2005-11-14
Removing the Oil Pan 2005-11-17
Replacing the 196 OHV Head gasket - Part 1 2005-12-03
Replacing the 196 OHV Head gasket - Part 2 2005-12-03
Fixing a Bent Pushrod 2005-12-06
Checking Engine Compression 2005-12-21
Removing the Engine - Part 1 2005-12-25
Removing the Engine - Part 2 2005-12-25
Removing the Engine - Part 3 2005-12-25
Removing the Front Suspension 2006-01-21
Upper Trunnion Funnion 2006-02-03
Torquing the Shock Bolt 2006-02-05
Rebuilt Suspension Pics 2006-02-05
Replacing the Intake Manifold Gasket 2006-02-15
Installing the Engine 2006-02-16
Replacing the Thermostat Gasket 2006-02-19
Replacing the Oil Tubing 2006-02-19
Bleeding The Brakes 2006-02-22
Setting Ignition Timing - Distributor Rotation 2006-02-24
A Complete 196 OHV Arrived 2006-08-29
Delco Remy Generator - Part 1 2007-01-05
Delco Remy Generator - Part 2 2007-01-05
'65 AMC 196 OHV Water Pump 2007-03-21
Victor Gasket Set for the AMC 196 2007-03-23
Installing a New Distributor 2007-03-24
A New Oil Pan Plug 2007-03-25
Oil Pump From the Inside 2007-03-26
Mechanical Fuel Pump Missing 2007-03-27
Installing a New Fuel Pump 2007-03-28
A Peek at the Lifters 2007-03-29
Removing the Rear Hub - Part 1 2007-06-30
Removing the Rear Hub - Part 2 2007-06-30
Removing the Rear Hub - Part 3 2007-06-30
Replacing the Oil Filter Element on a 2007 Sienna - Part 1 2009-01-10
Replacing the Oil Filter Element on a 2007 Sienna - Part 2 2009-01-11
Changing the gasket and transmission screen on a C4 - 1 2012-02-09
Changing the gasket and transmission screen on a C4 - 2 2012-02-09
Changing the Spark Plugs on an '05 Hyundai Accent 2012-06-10
Pacific Auto Machine
These folks specialize in older engines. The owner, at least from a reference on the news groups, has a Studebaker. 425-226-0930 M-F 8:30-5:30
G&M Honest Performance
A machine shop and other services in the Federal Way, WA area.
Ring Gaps vs. Knowledge Gaps
An article that claims to dispel myths about ring gaps, such as the amount of end gap needed, or the need to align the ring gaps when installing them on the piston.
How Do Rings Work?
A tutorial on how piston rings work. There is a diagram at the bottom of the page that shows the shape and orientation of different rings, so you know what side of the ring faces up.
Checking Compression Ring Gaps
An instructional sheet on ring gaps, with a diagram showing the effects of cylinder taper on the ring gap.
How To Install Piston Rings For Maximum Power Production
Advice on installing piston rings, including tips on how to cut the ring gap.
The Carburetor Doctor
They have rebuilt carburetors as well as kits.
Motorcraft Distributor Upgrade
Information on converting Rambler and other AMCs to electronic ignition.
Fabulous explanation of various kinds of engines and how they work.
Installation of Toyota Truck Tierod Ends in the Original Lamborghini Tierod Sleeves
A good photo tutorial on adapting easy to find parts to a different application.
Quad 4 Rods
For those of you looking for a small but powerful engine that has a street rod look, check out this site.
Remanufactured AMC Jeep Engines
One of the few places we've seen that offers rebuilt 196 OHV engines. They will also rebuild your core engine, which is nice if you have a particularly nice engine, or are worried about, say, changes in a '59 OHV vs. a '65. They also have a good rundown on how to pallet and ship an engine.
Daytona Parts Co.
Provider of carburetor restorations and kits.
Pick Pro Parts
A good source for Fel-Pro gaskets and Bendix brake parts, among others.
Jackson's Old Time Auto Parts
They have a variety of engine, brake, motor mounts, drivetrain, and suspension parts for Ramblers and other cars.
Rebuilding an F-head Engine
Instructions and pictorial on rebuilding a Jeep 4F-134 engine.
Ram Engine
This shop provides rebuilt engines, as well as vintage NOS parts or custom built parts for engines.
Getting the Correct ARP Head Stud/Bolt for the Application
Document that shows how to determine the correct head stud needed for your engine.
An introduction to stainless steel auto fasteners.
PB Blaster
PB Blaster Penetrating Catalyst is useful for removing stuck studs in engine blocks.
SeaTac Transmission
These folks are supposedly able to rebuild Borg Warner t-35 trannies.
The reverse lights both went out on our Saturn SL2. It turns out that this was the back-up light switch. The switch is located right in back of the battery. It has two wires connected to it via a plug. ExpressAutoParts had a model ls261 switch by Standard that worked swimmingly. It was nice to find online stock. All of the parts stores in the area required me to come in to the store first, pay up front, then come in again to pick the part up. Nobody would do it over the phone.
Webbs Classic Auto Parts
NOS, used, and reproduction parts for Rambler and AMC cars.
Our daily driver has an OBD-II compliant interface and our check engine light turned on. We were able to check the code and reset the check engine light with the device that scantool sells. Even better yet, the code that runs it is open source, released under the GPL. It makes us all warm and fuzzy to think of how cool this is.
Blaser Auto Nash, Rambler, AMC
NOS American Motors, Nash, and Rambler parts.
All American Classics, Inc.
20 acres of cars.
AMC Parts Vendors
A good selection of transmissions.
For Ramblers Only
A good place to get some carpets or wiper motors.
T35, Borg Warner Series Transmission Parts
Source for T35 (also known as M-35) parts.
Excellent source for old engine parts. These folks machine parts for virtually every kind of old engine, Rambler engines included.
E-Swap Meet
Good source for parts for all kinds of old cars.
1946 to the mid 60's and later.
Galvin's AMC Rambler Parts
Parts for 1958 thru 1988 AMC/Rambler vehicles, including NOS, New, Reproduction, and Used replacement parts.
Rebuild kits and other parts for carburetors.
Autolite 216 Spark Plug
The plugs are hard to get from an auto parts store, but you can get them from this lawn mower supply store.
American Parts Depot
A good source for parts.
AMC Parts
A variety of parts.
Waldron Exhaust
Here is a source for 61-63 Rambler American exhaust systems.

The authors of FIXAMBLER.COM are not professional mechanics, nor do they advise that you follow any of the procedures on this site. This site is intended as documentation of our experiences in fixing up our 1963 Rambler American. We put up the pictures, resources we run across, and documentation of our experiences, because we wish there was more of this on the web. There are many amateurs out there fixing up their old cars as well, and perhaps sharing our adventures will help. Copyright 2004-2011

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