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Cross Reference Numbers 2004-08-16
Badger Pistons for the 196 OHV 2005-03-26
Packing and Storing a 196 L Head Crank 2005-03-27
Connecting Rod and Main Bearings 2005-04-17
Replacing the Fuel Filter 2005-04-24
Bendix Duo Servo Brake Shoes 2005-06-01
Oil Pump Gaskets For 196 OHV 2005-11-17
AMC 6 Oil Pan Set 2005-11-17
Engine Weight Chart 2005-11-23
Generator and Starter Connections 2005-12-25
The Power Steering Tube 2006-01-24
Front Brake Assembly 2006-02-09
American Hose & Fittings Inc
They carry industrial, metal, and hydraulic hose, fittings, couplings and fluid power components. I'm thinking they can probably fix me up with a power steering pressure hose.
Making custom power steering hoses
This guy made his own pressure power steering hose and documented the exact parts and sources.
Moog Ball Joint Sizes
Machine Shop Price List
Here is a price list for various machine shop services by Performance Engine Development. If you have ever wondered how much it costs to clean a block and bore it, or how much to resurface your block, etc., this list will show you.
My Classic Car
A variety of instructions on classic car restoration.
Car model information, number decoding, performance, repair, and techical information.
AMCyclopedia specific 61-63 Rambler American details.
Auto Restorere On-Line
AMC Transmissions
Lists AMC transmissions, historical info, bolt patterns, and substitutions.
AMC Automatic Transmissions
Nice table listing of AMC transmissions.
Exploded View of a Holley 1909 Carburetor
AMC Parts Sources by Jim Stone
Nash, Rambler, AMC General Specs
Timing, spark plug gap/type, point gap, and other specs.
Planet Houston AMX
I love this guy. Do check out his site.
Nash, Ramber, and AMC Auto parts
A variety of parts, literature, and other information.
Rambler Dan's 1968 Rambler American Parts List
A cross reference list from Rambler parts to manufacturer part numbers.
63 American Chassis Wiring
A graphic of the wiring for a 63 American.

The authors of FIXAMBLER.COM are not professional mechanics, nor do they advise that you follow any of the procedures on this site. This site is intended as documentation of our experiences in fixing up our 1963 Rambler American. We put up the pictures, resources we run across, and documentation of our experiences, because we wish there was more of this on the web. There are many amateurs out there fixing up their old cars as well, and perhaps sharing our adventures will help. Copyright 2004-2011

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