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Fix Rambler: Car Restoration and Repair
Topic:Intro   Date: 2006-09-14
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Water Pump Maw

Water Jacket Crusties Statement of Purpose
This site covers the mechanical repair, maintenance, and related historical context of a 1963 Rambler American and other cars. Cars are a large part of why our world is in the condition it is in. Our relationship with cars is rich and complex. Further, a car, particularly an old car, is governed by mechanical forces and relationships that are unforgiving, yet understandable. By repairing and maintaining an old car, one can tap in to the laws and discipline that control the car in a way that working on a modern car simply cannot reveal. Likewise, the promise, style, and perceived utility of cars in earlier years is easier to see. By focusing on the exaggerated cultural lipstick of a 1963 Rambler American, the idea of the car and what it means to us is more accessible.

The authors of FIXAMBLER.COM are not professional mechanics, nor do they advise that you follow any of the procedures on this site. This site is intended as documentation of our experiences in fixing up our 1963 Rambler American. We put up the pictures, resources we run across, and documentation of our experiences, because we wish there was more of this on the web. There are many amateurs out there fixing up their old cars as well, and perhaps sharing our adventures will help. Copyright 2004-2011

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